Alphario Vol. 3 Cover

Cover of Alphario Vol. 3

Alphario Vol. 3 is the fourth book of the Alphario manga series, following the events of Alphario Vol. 2. Alphario Vol. 3 was first released on April 12, 2014 at Summer Komikon 2014 by Alphario TWC.


The mysterious man attacks Dennis, leaving him with no choice but to defend himself. As soon as Dennis lands a clean hit, however, the man withdraws. Frustrated, Dennis follows him deeper into Evergrowth Forest and eventually realizes that the man might be involved in a lot of the strange things that have been occurring around him lately.

Why did this man—who earlier rescued Dennis—attack him? Will he finally give Dennis the answers that he has been looking for?


Alphario Vol. 3 is available at the Alphario TWC booth in major comic conventions in the Philippines. The book is also available for online ordering at the Alphario website, DeviantArt, and Facebook pages.


Title: Alphario Vol. 3
Number of Pages: 56
Size: A5 (148 × 210 mm)
Price: Php 100 / USD 8

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